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What you get with AT&T Mobile Share AdvantageSM

Zero Overages. Zero Worries.

Introducing zero overage charges on new plans from AT&T.*

Choose a plan that includes anywhere from 1GB to 100GB of data to be shared across all your devices. With the ability to share data with up to 10 devices, your whole family can power their smartphones and tablets worry-free. Worry free data means never having to worry about overage charges if you exceed your high-speed data allotments. See offer details

Unlimited Talk & Text

Enjoy unlimited domestic calls and texts on all phones on your plan. Chat and text without worrying about going over your text or minute limits and stay in touch with those that mean the most. See offer details

Choose Your Data Amount

Shared Data

1GB $30/mo

Shared Data

3GB $40/mo

Shared Data

6GB $60/mo

Shared Data

10GB $80/mo

Shared Data

16GB $90/mo

Shared Data

25GB $110/mo

Shared Data

30GB $135/mo

Shared Data

40GB $180/mo

Shared Data

50GB $225/mo

Shared Data

60GB $270/mo

Shared Data

80GB $360/mo

Shared Data

100GB $450/mo

*Overage Charges & Data Speeds: After your high-speed data allotments are used, all data usage is slowed to a max of 128 Kbps (2G speed) for the rest of the bill cycle. Audio and video streaming, picture and video messaging and other data usage, including sponsored data, will be inpacted and may not be fully functional. See for data use details.

Add Phones and Connected Devices to Your Plan

Smartphones1, Basic, and Messaging Phones

$20/mo. access charge

Tablets, Gaming, and connected devices

$10/mo. access charge

Connected wearables2

$10/mo. access charge

Laptops, netbooks, and hotspot devices

$20/mo. access charge

AT&T Wireless Home Phone3

$20/mo. access charge

(plans 10GB and higher)

AT&T Wireless Home Phone and Internet3

$30/mo. access charge

(plans 10GB and higher)

MOBILE SHARE ADVANTAGE: Prices are for service only and include monthly plan charge and per device monthly access charge. Devices: 10 per plan. Purchase additional.

1If you are on a 2-year Agreement your monthly access charge will be $40.

2Connected Devices: Includes eligible connected vehicles, wearables, cases, connected wearables, and other select devices. Connected Wearable: A wireless phone designed to be worn that is capable of making/receiving calls without being connected to another wireless device. See list of devices at

3Wireless Home Phone (“WHP”): Wireless voice service (Commercial Mobile Radio Service or CMRS). Wireless Home Phone and Internet (“WHPI”): Is a CMRS and mobile broadband Internet access service. Plan 10GB or higher required. WHP and WHPI General: Messaging excluded. For emergency calls, provide location to 911 operator. Devices have backup battery but landline equipment with separate power will not place/receive calls (including 911) during outage. Not compatible with landline dependent services like medical alert monitoring systems. Other compatibility limitations apply. For WHP details visit and for WHPI details.


Take your plan with you! With 10GB plans and higher, you can talk, text and use your domestic plan data on devices while in Mexico—without roaming charges.

All plans:
  • Unlimited domestic calls and texts on phones
  • Unlimited texting from the U.S. to over 120 countries
10GB plans and over:
  • Unlimited talk & text to Mexico and Canada
  • No roaming charges for voice, text, and data plan usage while in Mexico
See offer details

Rollover DataSM

Keep the data you don’t use from one month to the next and enjoy it all on the nation's largest network.1 Unused data from your plan rolls over for one month so you can get the most out of your Mobile Share Advantage plan. Check your bill for the amount of available Rollover Data, or log on to your online account to view Rollover Data balance.

See offer details

1Based on overall coverage in U.S. licensed/roaming areas. Coverage not avail. everywhere.

Stream Saver

Get more out of your data with Stream Saver. Stream Saver automatically adjusts the quality of a video to stream at a quality similar to a DVD, saving you data and increasing the amount of content you can watch. Best of all, customers can turn on and off Stream Saver anytime, simply by logging on to

See offer details

AT&T Next® and AT&T Next Every YearSM

Get the smartphone you really want for $0 down.

Tax due at sale. Req's well-qual. credit, elig. installment agmt & svc. If svc cancelled, device balance due. Activ./upgrade & other fees, charges & restr's apply. See $0 Down details

AT&T Next

With AT&T Next®, the cost of your smartphone is divided into 30 monthly installments.1 Once you have paid 80% of the full retail price of your phone you can get an upgrade with an eligible trade-in.

AT&T Next Every Year

AT&T Next Every YearSM splits the cost of your smartphone into 24 monthly installments, and allows you to upgrade with eligible trade-in once 50% of the full retail price of the phone is paid off.

Add Your Wireless Service

Choose a qualifying plan with voice and data.1

When you're ready to upgrade, choose from one of these three ways:

  • Early upgrade- trade in your phone after 2 months by paying either 50% or 80% of the retail price of your phone
  • Reach upgrade- pay your monthly installments until you reach upgrade eligibility2 (either 50% or 80% of the retail price)
  • Payoff- finish paying off monthly installments, keep your phone, and purchase a new one any time

1If wireless service is canceled, your installment balance will be due.

2These upgrades require the trade-in of your financed smartphone (or one of same make and model) in fully functional and good physical condition and an eligible purchase of a new smartphone wtih qualifying service.

See offer details

AT&T iPhone 7
Get More with the DIRECTV App

Get More with the DIRECTV App

Enjoy all the features and functions of your DIRECTV subscription on your mobile devices without using your wireless data.* With the DIRECTV App you can:

  • Stream live TV anywhere you go
  • Access 20,000+ On Demand titles
  • Enjoy recorded content on the go

*Requires eligible DIRECTV & AT&T data services. Excl. & restr. apply. Content varies and must be streamed through the DIRECTV App. See offer details

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AT&T Covers Over 320 Million People

Live life uninterrupted with TV, internet and wireless with reliability that exceeds 99%^. With fewer dropped calls†, and a selection of the latest devices, AT&T is the clear choice for reliable wireless coverage.

AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans*, and offers thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots to save on data usage. Download the AT&T Smart Wi-Fi App to find nearby hotspots, remember your favorite networks, and save battery life by automatically switching to Wi-Fi when your phone is near a hotspot.

^Wireless reliability based on third party data. DIRECTV signal reliability based on nationwide study of representative cities. Internet reliability based on U-verse High Speed Internet service.

†Dropped call claim based on nationwide carriers' dropped call performance.

*Based on overall coverage in U.S. licensed areas. Coverage not avail. everywhere. Map estimates outdoor coverage.

AT&T covers over 320 million people
AT&T 4G LTE Network

AT&T 4G LTE Network

Why choose AT&T's 4G LTE network? AT&T has the nation's largest network.* What does that mean for you? Simply put, AT&T lets you do more of what you love, faster than ever before.

  • Stream movies
  • Nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Download music and games

Experience the speed and reliability of the AT&T 4G LTE network.

To order, call 1-877-686-5951

*Based on overall coverage in U.S. licensed/roaming areas. Coverage not avail. everywhere. AT&T's 4G LTE coverage is not equivalent to its overall network coverage.

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