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Add New Service 1-877-264-6541

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Move/Transfer Service 1-844-785-1886

Billing Questions 1-833-904-1659

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order new AT&T Services?

Just give us a call at 1-877-264-6541.

What AT&T services are available in my area?

See what’s available here.

How can I take advantage of AT&T discounts, specials, and bundles?

You can find all of our current offers on our deals page.

Can I get AT&T service for my business?

Yes—check out our business site.

How do I change my address or move my service?

Call 1-844-785-1886.

How can I upgrade my AT&T service?

Log in to your myAT&T account or call 1-800-288-2020.


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