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Whether you’re looking for better camera quality, more memory, top-level screen display, or other cutting-edge features, Samsung has it all. Shop the latest Samsung phones and tablets through AT&T to get the technology you crave.

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Galaxy S9+

Galaxy S9+

$30.50/mo. or $914.99


Galaxy S9+ Colors

Height: 6.22 inches

Width: 2.91 inches

Depth: 0.33 inch

Weight: 6.67 ounces

Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9

$26.34/mo. or $819.99


Galaxy S9 Colors

Height: 5.81 inches

Width: 2.70 inches

Depth: 0.33 inch

Weight: 5.75 ounces

Galaxy S8+

Galaxy S8+

$25.17/mo. or $754.99


Galaxy S8+ Colors

Height: 6.28 inches

Width: 2.89 inches

Depth: 0.32 inch

Weight: 6.10 ounces

Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8

$21.84/mo. or $654.99


Galaxy S8 Colors

Height: 5.86 inches

Width: 2.68 inches

Depth: 0.30 inch

Weight: 6.14 ounces

Galaxy Note8

Galaxy Note 8

$31.67/mo. or $949.99


Galaxy Note8 Colors

Height: 6.40 inches

Width: 2.94 inches

Depth: 0.34 inch

Weight: 6.84 ounces

Get the Samsung Tablet You Want

Galaxy Tab S2

Galaxy Tab S2

$30/mo. or $599.99


Galaxy Tab S2 Color

Height: 9.34 inches

Width: 6.65 inches

Depth: 0.22 inch

Weight: 13.83 ounces

Galaxy Tab E

Galaxy Tab E

$10/mo. or $199.99


Galaxy Tab E Color

Height: 8.35 inches

Width: 4.96 inches

Depth: 0.35 inch

Weight: 12.7 ounces

Got Your Device? Now Choose Your Wireless Plan

Once you’ve chosen your Samsung device, all you have to do is pick out the perfect wireless plan. Whether you want unlimited data, talk, and text, early upgrade options, or mobile hotspot data, AT&T has a plan to fit your needs.