Frequently Asked Questions

Why AT&T?

AT&T has provided reliable, innovative home service technologies for more than a century. AT&T strives to introduce more cutting-edge, high-quality and affordable products and services that increase convenience and productivity in the lives of AT&T customers.

What is U-verse?

U-verse offers customers advanced digital television, high-speed Internet and phone through AT&T's fiber optic network. This technology brings more features and high quality to customers looking for more from their service. U-verse availability is limited, but is growing. As of now it is available to 20 million households in 22 states.

What calling features come with AT&T home phone service plans?

There are three AT&T home phone plans available and up to 11 calling features depending on the plan. Convenient calling features include caller ID and call waiting caller ID. Call blocking, distinctive ring, Voicemail and three-way calling are just some of the 11 convenient features available.

What TV packages are available?

U-verse TV works through AT&T's advanced fiber optic network. The Total Home DVR allows customers to access DVR recordings on any TV in the home, without the use of multiple DVRs. Additionally, all receivers are HD ready.

For customers who don't have access to U-verse television, we offer satellite TV options with outstanding HD picture quality and some of the most advanced DVR receivers available. Customers can choose from over 580 channels including sports, movies, and family programming while enjoying up to 99.9% signal reliability.

How fast is AT&T High Speed Internet?

The fastest reaches speeds up to 100 Mbps* and allows you share files, stream video, download music, game and more!

What are some of the AT&T DSL features and benefits?

Simultaneous talk and surf capability, 11 unique email accounts, Photo share through flickr, Access to the nation's largest Wi-Fi network, AT&T Fan Zone : instant updates on your computer or mobile phone, AT&T Entertainment : watch free television and movies on the Internet.

Does AT&T High Speed Internet offer security software and parental controls?

Yes. If you are an AT&T customer with a connection speed of 3 Mbps or higher you receive Anti-Virus, Pop Up Blocker and Anti-Spyware from McAfee. If you are an AT&T DSL customer with a connection speed of 1.5 Mbps or lower, you can add this protection for a low monthly fee.

Is it safe to send information over the Internet?

Yes. AT&T protects your confidential information like credit card numbers and sensitive documents through the use of a security protocol. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts your information prior to transmitting it over the Internet so that it cannot be read as it is in transmission from your computer to AT&T's.

Why should I bundle?

AT&T customers who bundle enjoy all three of AT&T's available services at reduced rates. Many customers enjoy the convenience of having all three home services on one monthly bill. A variety of bundle options allow customers to choose the services and features they want so they don't pay for services or features they don't use.

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