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True or false: Topeka gets its name from a successful potato harvest.

Well, it's true…to an extent. Nowadays the capital city of the Sunflower State is more than just "a good place to dig potatoes"; it's a major cultural, economic, and educational hub. In between tornado warnings and ill-timed Wizard of Oz references spouted constantly by well-meaning tourists, Topekans have learned to roll with the punches and take their city for what it's worth. History is a big deal here, and it's everywhere: from the exhibits at the Mulvane Art Museum to the historic buildings in Old Prairie Town to the largest collection of Evel Knievel memorabilia.

But Top City has much more than history to showcase. Lake Shawnee hosts the annual Great Plains Rowing Championships, and the Downtown Jazz & Food Truck Festival is a high point during the summertime. If you're looking for somewhere to take the kiddos, the "World Famous" Topeka Zoo is…apparently world famous? It's a fun time, regardless.

You know what's not fun? Settling for subpar internet. It's not enough to eke by on a connection that can't fully meet your needs. AT&T Internet is as satisfying as a Q-Cup from Lonnie Q's BBQ (are you suddenly hungry for cheesy tots?). Stream your favorite shows or tune into the Chiefs game through a signal that will bravely battle the gale-force winds the Kansas plains are famous for. And with AT&T working overtime for you, you'll have more time to create a personal pizza at the College Hill Pizza Pub before heading over to the Huff 'n Puff Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Sound good? Not bad for a city named after potatoes.

AT&T Plans & Packages in Topeka

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Speeds Up to 100 Mbps*

AT&T Internet
AT&T Fiber
Internet 300
AT&T Wireless

4G LTE data

Per one line
AT&T Unlimited Elite

185+ Channels


All your entertainment, all in one experience.

  • Live TV & 55,000 on-demand titles
  • 500 hours of cloud DVR storage
  • Access to 5,000+ apps and Netflix, Pandora, and more
  • Voice remote with the Google Assistant
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North Topeka Store 605 NW US Highway 24 Suite 102, Topeka, KS 66608

Topeka Store 2201 Wanamaker Road Suite 100, Topeka, KS 66614

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Read Your Neighbors’ Reviews of AT&T in Topeka

4.3 out of 5 stars | Based on 21 Reviews

MICHAEL Reviewed ATT Reviews

the product is good when it works correctly, had problems here for sometime but most of it was caused by a bad connection at the line away from the house but at&t was able to get the right people out here and resolve the issue, most of the time the people I chat with online are very nice but at times I wish they would just be honest with me when it comes to my charges for having the service set up, thank you

SCOTT Reviewed ATT Reviews

Good reliable service. My security cameras seem much more responsive. Thank you.

BRETE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very professional

EDWARD Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great service!

DANE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Technician showed up this time and was very quick.

CARA Reviewed ATT Reviews


JOANNA Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service was easy to get set up and works great.

JO A Reviewed ATT Reviews

We have just added DirecTV to our bundle and immediately we saw an improvement in our reception. The workers setting it up did a fantastic job. We are very happy with all our AT+T services!

AL Reviewed ATT Reviews

It took like forever to get past all of the unnecessary recordings to finally talk to someone. Talked to a couple different people, don't remember names. Was told on a couple of different occasions that I would receive an email shortly, The last lady even stayed on the line while I checked my junk file, when it wasn't there she said it might take a couple of hours, if not to call her back - never received. I called her back the next day and she said oh no it will be 2 or weeks before I receive instructions. The technician, Steven, called ahead of time and told me what time he would be here, promptly arrived on time and went to work while also instructing me on what he was doing. When he finished installing and was going over the channel lists I said now we use the verse-200 column, he said no you have the family connection - when I showed him an email that I did receive it clearly stated U-verse 200, he said the work order stated Family but that he would fix it and he did. The remote controls are pathetic, you have to use two hands to change channels.

LAKYN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Great Customer Service and great people skills when it came to setting up everything. All my questions were answered.

SAMONE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Love my service so far. Everyone in my family uses AT&T so naturally I chose the same. The installation was on time, quick, and the person who installed it was great very helpful. No problems with my service!!! Satisfied customer!

STEPHANIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Very helpful with my questions and concerns! Appreciate their business!

JAMES Reviewed ATT Reviews

With the exception of a couple errors on the order, the technician Was great. After 40 years with Cox, there's no looking back. Better price for more services.

TIANA Reviewed ATT Reviews

I love my U-verse Internet and phone switched from cox bill dow n 50%

AUSTIN Reviewed ATT Reviews

Uverse has been very quick, only a few slight hiccups so far. Customer service has been spotty so far, but this can be expected when dealing with a corporate giant. Overall, we are very happy with AT&T.

CONNIE Reviewed ATT Reviews

5 Star

STARR Reviewed ATT Reviews

The installation went well but the next day I was getting red flashes on the system letting me know that something was wrong. The repair man came out to fix it. It took awhile but it was finally taken care of.

PIPER Reviewed ATT Reviews

Customer Service Reoresentatives tell customers what they want to hear, not factual information. Every time I call in for questions, I receive a different answer. I would cancel my service, it it weren't for the cancellation fee.

MICHELLE Reviewed ATT Reviews

Definitely cheaper than previous provider. Still waiting for phone line since I received an advertisement day after I called to set appoint and could get both for same price. Hoping to get uverse in my location so I can get tv services as my apartments won't allow a dish to be installed. They have uverse in my town just not my location. The installer was polite a friendly and so was the local office.

WILLIAM Reviewed ATT Reviews

The service was fairly good. I was confused about the set-up options, and had to ask for clarification numerous times. I LOVE the fact that it is a month to month agreement, which will actually probably keep me longer than if I had been forced to sign a yearly agreement. Good speed, good price. The technicician was extremely helpful, curteous, and responsive. Satisfied so far.

MARILYN Reviewed ATT Reviews

I recently switched from Cox Communications to AT&T. The price for my U-verse Internet and U-verse phone service is excellent. The speed on internet provides a quick connection and the phone service and answering service is also very good and very reasonable for an unlimited long distance service. I am a happy camper with my new services.