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True or false: Topeka gets its name from a successful potato harvest.

Well, it's true…to an extent. Nowadays the capital city of the Sunflower State is more than just "a good place to dig potatoes"; it's a major cultural, economic, and educational hub. In between tornado warnings and ill-timed Wizard of Oz references spouted constantly by well-meaning tourists, Topekans have learned to roll with the punches and take their city for what it's worth. History is a big deal here, and it's everywhere: from the exhibits at the Mulvane Art Museum to the historic buildings in Old Prairie Town to the largest collection of Evel Knievel memorabilia.

But Top City has much more than history to showcase. Lake Shawnee hosts the annual Great Plains Rowing Championships, and the Downtown Jazz & Food Truck Festival is a high point during the summertime. If you're looking for somewhere to take the kiddos, the "World Famous" Topeka Zoo is…apparently world famous? It's a fun time, regardless.

You know what's not fun? Settling for subpar internet. It's not enough to eke by on a connection that can't fully meet your needs. AT&T Internet is as satisfying as a Q-Cup from Lonnie Q's BBQ (are you suddenly hungry for cheesy tots?). Stream your favorite shows or tune into the Chiefs game through a signal that will bravely battle the gale-force winds the Kansas plains are famous for. And with AT&T working overtime for you, you'll have more time to create a personal pizza at the College Hill Pizza Pub before heading over to the Huff 'n Puff Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Sound good? Not bad for a city named after potatoes.

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North Topeka Store 605 NW US Highway 24 Suite 102, Topeka, KS 66608

Topeka Store 2201 Wanamaker Road Suite 100, Topeka, KS 66614

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